Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BPEL visualization - WSO2 BPS

Initial version of BPEL visualization feature was added to WSO2 BPS as a result of my first internship project at WSO2. It had some functional requirements like,
  1. BPEL process instance details visualization
  2. BPEL process visualization with different abstractions etc.
  3. BPEL activity filtering
With the next release of WSO2 BPS, its new BPEL visualization feature is going to be a completely new design to meet the requirements as mentioned above. This work was a result of research related to Process views carried out by Dr. David Schumm and his research group from University of Stuttgart.
The presentation on this work by Dr. David Schumm at WSO2Con-2011 can be found from here.

Some of the screen shots of the unfinished work...

Process Management View

Instance Management View

Process Management View for a Complex Workflow

Instance Management View for a Complex Workflow

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