Sunday, August 16, 2009

Writing a simple WS-BPEL process for WSO2-BPS and Apache ODE

I've written an article on The WSO2 OxygenTank explaining the fundamentals on writing and deploying a simple BPEL which interacts with several partner services, in WSO2 BPS and Apache ODE.
So this article focuses on the basic functionalities such as: how to invoke partner services from a BPEL process, how to wait for a message from a client who invokes a BPEL process etc. A sample BPEL process called "FunctionProcess" is also attached to the article, with required sample partner services. All examples are based on the attached sample code.

The article flows based on the following topics.
  • What is a business process?
  • What's BPEL?
  • Basic terms used in the BPEL terminology
  • How to deploy sample partner services and the BPEL process
  • How to establish a partner link with a Web service
  • How to invoke the BPEL process from a client
  • How to invoke a partner Web service from the BPEL process
  • How to reply to the client from the BPEL process
  • How to do basic variable manipulation in a BPEL process
  • How to Deploy and test the BPEL process