Sunday, November 23, 2008

Machan - The Sri Lankan movie

Director -Ubertho Pasolini
Producer – Prasanna Vithanage

It is not more than ten films which are consideably good, are introduced from the Sri Lankan film industry for every year. From the perspective of the Hollywood, Bollywood, European or even South Indian film industry, we can't be satisfied as Sri Lankans. But out of those movies some are marvelous.
Recently I watched “ABA” by Jackson Anthony and “Machan” by Ubertho Pasolini. I believe both are major milestones in the Sri Lankan film industry. Both were massive productions. “ABA” came into the arena with a lot of good and ban criticisms and discussions which made “ABA” mass profitable.
After the file “Machan” came into the arena, it was not such a mega blast as “ABA”. I believe that is because of the differences between the advertising campaigns.
But according to my perspective I believe “Machan” has one of the best script and a story in the history of Sri Lankan film industry. From the name itself it grabs our attention. The movie “Milla Soya” by Boodee Keerthisena was also based on the same kind of a story.
It talks about a lower social level. Some guys struggling for their day to day life have an ultimate goal to jump to Germany. They try their best in legal ways. Then they organize a Handball team called “Sri Lanka National Handball Federation” for a German tour and when they get their all of them get vanished.
The film is based on a true story and director is able to go through their lives and present it to the audience.
The powerful script forces the audience to believe that the key characters has an option less solution, jumping to Germany.
One of the greatest thing I see in the script and the direction is there's a lot of humor through out the flow of scenes, but it never change its key theme. However at the end humor gets vanished through the truth of sorrow. The main actor “Stanley”(Dharmapriya Dias) and his best friend are used for political poster campaigns. But for those political revolutionists “Stanley” and his friend are not worth than even for a poster.
“Stanley” stuck with many problems. He has no any permanent job, he has to look after his two grand mothers and his brother and his sister are also caught in troubles because of “Stanley”.
Other than that, through out the whole movie the great humanity deposited in those street people are depicted well. “Stanley” worries about his brother, a child worker and his sister who is waiting to go to middle east as a house maid by leaving her family. As well the script tells us in their struggling for living there is no difference between any nationality, all are the same.
Concerning performance of actors, most of the major characters are not so popular. But their contribution is amazing. Some minor characters also have contributed a lot to make the film more glamorous.
But I believe the audience could get more satisfaction if the quality of the sounds and the pictures were more richer.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ubuntu 8.10(Intrepid Ibex) frozen login screen

For Ubuntu 8.10 users - Sometimes after installing the Ubuntu 8.10 and when the system is rebooted and after login screen is displayed the system gets stuck and keyboard and mouse don't respond or Sometimes the welcome screen doesn't appear for atleast 20 secs.
This is because Compiz libraries which were installed under Ubuntu 8.10.
After remove Compiz the problem will be solved.
How to?
Reboot the system and choose "Recovery Mode" and start terminal as root.
Then use the following commands to remove the Compiz and Compiz-Core.

apt-get remove compiz
apt-get remove compiz-core

Then exit from the terminal and reboot the system.