Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Advanced Concepts in WS-BPEL 2.0

Waruna and I’ll be doing a post-conference tutorial session on “Advanced Concepts in WS-BPEL” in WSO2 Con 2011.
Summary of the session is as follows.

BPEL is the de-facto standard for modeling executable Web services orchestrations. It is an XML-based language used for the definition and execution of business, as well as scientific work flows using Web services. WSO2 Business Process Server (WSO2 BPS) and Apache Orchestration Director Engine(ODE) are two WS-BPEL compliant business process executable work-flow engines, which support composition of Web services by orchestrating service interactions.
In this tutorial, Warauna and I will elaborate on some advanced concepts in WS-BPEL 2.0 and extensibility in WSO2 BPS like
  • fault handling
  • compensation handling
  • event processing   
  • selective event processing
  • multiple event processing
  • concurrent event processing
  • message correlation
  • parallel processing
  • Introduction to ODE extensions
  • Future improvements with extensions

Introducing New Sample Guide for BPS 2.1.0

From WSO2 BPS 2.1.0 onwards, we have introduced a new sample guide and documentation which explain some of the basic concepts involved in WS-BPEL 2.0. You can find the documentation over here .

Also we have introduced few samples for complex BPEL scenarios like
  • Compensation handlers - SampleCompensationHandlers
    • This samples demonstrates a flight reservation process with the functionality of with a basic compensation handler will work. Also it involves the which are required in compensation handling.
  • Event-handlers - SampleEventHandlers
    • This sample has an event-handler implementation is capable verifying the functionality and reliability of construct.
  • Asynchronous processes SampleAsynchronousProcess
    • This sample contains two processes. One acts as a client ( for the server ( Message correlation is used to maintain the asynchronous interaction between client and server.
 We will add the documentation to explain those scenarios as well. You can find those other samples over here.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

SSL enabled JConsole to monitor a WSO2 Carbon Server Securely

WSO2 Products like WSO2 AS, ESB, BPS etc. are MBeans enabled servers such that they can be monitored via JMX clients. JConsole is a graphical JMX monitoring client which comes as a part of JDK.
Recently I had to securely monitor a remote WSO2 carbon server.
But the problem is, now any remote user can implement a MBean on the target server and use System.exit() from the client end to kill the Carbon server. So we need to harden  (or secure and restrict) the communication between client and server.
So I used jConsole via a SSL tunnel which enforces client authentication and RMI-registry authentication. Here’re the steps I took to solve the problem.
Note - Feel free to shout back in case you need more clarifications. In some steps I assumed the audience is aware of JMX, public key cryptography etc.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Join us at WSO2Con-2011

WSO2Con 2010 was started last year as a part of WSO2’s 5th year anniversary. This year, WSO2Con 2011 is to be held from Sept 12-16, Waters Edge, Colombo, Sri Lanka. This year’s agenda includes more than 30 speakers from 10 countries.

Keynote Speakers are

IBM Global Technology Outlook – 2011
Dr. C Mohan
Fellow, IBM Research

Service Orientation – Why is it good for your business
Sastry Malladi
Distinguished Architect, eBay

Enterprise Integration Patterns: Past, Present and Future
Gregor Hohpe

SOA & Beyond using open source technologies
Narendra Nethmal
Chief Architect, Cognizant Technologies

WSO2: Disrupting the middleware industry
Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana
Chairman, Founder & CEO, WSO2 Inc.

WSO2 Vision and Roadmap
Paul Fremantle
Founder & CTO WSO2 Inc.
In a summary the conference will be all about
  • Customer experiences describing how WSO2 products are being used to build enterprise and SaaS apps in financial services, government, mobile, telecom and other industries.
  • Best practices for leading enterprise architecture initiatives, managing SOA projects and moving beyond SOA and open source.
  • Tutorials on a broad range of middleware technologies by WSO2 developers and Apache committers with real world experience working with customers around the world.

Happy 6th birthday WSO2!

This month, August is the summer vacation period for WSO2. Also last August 4th was WSO2’s 6th birthday. A small party was organized in both US and LK offices on the birthday. On the same day, a day-out was organized for school kids who were from Sigiriya area. They were brought to visit WSO2 and few places in Colombo like Zoo, World Trade Center, Museum and Galle Face Green etc. Here are some snapshots that I really liked of the day. Thanks, Chinthana Wilamuna and Harindu Alwis for sharing them. Happy birthday WSO2!