Thursday, March 15, 2012

BPEL Deployment Descriptor Editor

In previous releases, a BPEL Deployment Descriptor Editor was available only for BPEL developers via BPEL editor of WSO2 Carbon Studio. So BPEL process administrators had to change the deployment descriptor configuration file (deploy.xml) by hand and re-deploy back to the system.

The next major release of WSO2 BPS will be out with BPEL Deployment Descriptor Editor Support via WSO2 BPS administration console. So BPEL process administrators can configure process/instance/scope event generation, instance cleanup etc. at run-time. Also it represents the other configuration details like MEX interceptors, process properties, provided services, partner service etc. which make the BPEL process administrator’s life much easier.

BPEL deployment descriptor editor for WSO2 BPS administration console is a contribution from Ishara Premadasa from University of Moratuwa.

A screen shot of the BPEL Deployment Descriptor Editor.

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