Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wishing you a very happy new year

First of all I like to Wish a very happy new year to everyone. This is the festive season of Sinhala and Hindu new year all for Sri Lankans. So is the WSO2 team also celebrating the new year dawn with their loved ones except for few guys at on-site work in US.
Before starting the vacation we stayed few days at Heritance Kandalama Hotel. The climate was kinda calm but hot as Colombo. So I spent the afternoons swimming and during morning I spent on sightseeing around the hotel and the lake. Evening time was almost spent on playing cricket with friends.
I went to this hotel when I was a kid, but I think now it's more greener and more closer to wildlife. (Don't put anything in balcony unnoticed as monkeys are gonna drag them away definitely :))

As well the hotel is renowned for its grand architecture which is well blended with the natural environment by Geoffrey Bawa.
After the trip, I moved back to home. I'm happy that my family still respect new year rituals.
And I’m happy as all my family get together after a long time.

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