Monday, March 7, 2011

Memory Growth - FireFox vs. Chrome

This is very quick and silly test you can try to analyse on the memory usage of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Used environment
  • Firefox 3.6.9
  • Google Chromium 7.0.517
  • Ubuntu 10.04

  • Choose a list of 10 random very frequently used web pages which consisting a mixture of dynamic and static content. 
  • Then measure the memory growth due to each new tab in both browsers.
  • During the test, a snapshot of cumulative memory growth due to new tab was measured using operating system level resource statistics.
  • Memory overhead due to add-ons was added to "Empty Tab" column.


apalmer said...

chromes claim to fame besides its javascript performance was the isolation between tabs, so this kind of fairly linear growth is pretty much expected right?

Christophe said...

Question : have you correctly distinguished between "total virtual size" and "resident size" ?

(As in : you *are* showing resident size here, right ?)

(see )