Friday, December 31, 2010

Mooshabaya: Mashup Generator for XBaya

Last November, I and my team; Buddhika Alwis, Kathiravel Pradeeabn, Supun Malinga presented the following slides at the 8th International Workshop on Middleware for Grids, Clouds and e-Science - Middleware 2010, India.

Paper can be found in

Paper abstract -
Visual composition of workflows enables end user to visually depict the workflow as a graph of activities in a process. Tools that support visual composition translate those visual models to traditional workflow languages such as BPEL and execute them thus freeing the end user of the need of knowing workflow languages. Mashups on the other hand, provide a lightweight mechanism for ordinary user centric service composition and creation, hence considered to have an active role in the web 2.0 paradigm. In this paper, we extend a visual workflow composition tool to support mashups, thus providing a comprehensive tooling platform for mashup development backed up by workflow style modeling capabilities, while expanding the reach of the workflow domain into web 2.0 resources with the potential of the mashups. Furthermore, our work opens up a new possibility of converging the mashup domain and workflow domain, thus capturing beneficial aspects from each domain.

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