Friday, December 31, 2010

Horizontal Format Data Mining with Extended Bitmaps

My colleague Kathiravelu Pradeeban and the team; Buddhika Alwis, Supun Malinga and I presented the following slides at the 2nd International Conference of Soft Computing and Pattern Recognition, France.

Paper abstract -
Analysing the data warehouses to foresee the patterns of the transactions often needs high computational power and memory space due to the huge set of past history of the data transactions. Apriori algorithm is a mostly learned and implemented algorithm that mines the data warehouses to find the associations. Frequent item set mining with vertical data format has been proposed as an improvement over the basic Apriori algorithm.
In this paper we are proposing an algorithm as an alternative to Apriori algorithm, which will use bitmap indices in conjunction with a horizontal format data set converted to a vertical format data structure to mine frequent itemsets leveraging efficiencies of bitmap based operations and vertical format data orientation.

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