Tuesday, April 1, 2014

When flight tickets get cheaper in advance - v1

I wrote a small Google App Script with Google Spreadsheets to track when flight tickets get cheaper in advance. I weekly tracked the minimum return-ticket price from Sydney to Colombo for a fixed departure date (07th of April 2014). The answer was, ticket prices get minimum in advance of 5 months in average. Due to the disappearance of Malaysian airliner, MH370, I noticed a sudden fall of Malaysian air-line ticket prices after 8th of March 2014. So I added two charts. 1st one doesn't includes deviations related to MH370. 2nd chart includes the relevant deviations.

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Denis Weerasiri said...

you are right Denis, Last year I bought a ticket from Las Vegas to Hawaii for only $250 return because I bought it 4 months in advance. I've one more advice to you ,if you want to get cheap flight deals, then you should buy it at the cheapest days, when people doesn't want to fly..