Monday, January 30, 2012

Diving into the blue - Sri Lanka

I was diving in a 10-12 meters depth of down the ocean floor where roughly 1km away from Hikkaduwa coast line. My ultimate target was to capture some cool pics of coral reefs and fish. So I stopped for a while and took some and moved on. After a few seconds I got a bad leg cramp and I looked around for my buddy for the help. At that moment I just realized my buddy has already swam out of my visible range. It was also dangerous to swim to surface suddenly due to huge pressure difference. I waited for a while and little by little reached to the surface. I met my buddy there and he helped me to recover back.
That’s my most recent experience and a foolish mistake I made while diving.
Sometimes unexpected could happen anytime. On the same dive some thing that happened to me twice was, the camera in my hand was tangled with the air regulator without knowing and the regulator popped out from the mouth when I swung the hand :).
And here are some uncut clips from the dive.

Anyway there’s a whole new world under the ocean. But it’s something hard to predict from outside and feel it. You have to go underwater and see what’s out there.

Getting things ready

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