Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Off-season Sri Padha(Adam's peak) hike

Recently five friends at WSO2 and I hiked-up Sri Padha(Adam's Peak) during the off-season. It was my 2nd hike to that mountain during the off-season. During the off-season the site was very much peaceful as usually pilgrims don't walk up the mountain due to heavy raining, strong wind, lightning and thick mist.
Adam's peak is an important pilgrimage site especially for Buddhists. Unlike in pilgrimage season (December to May), we had to take precautions and we had to prepare and bring all the food and stuff required up to the peak of the mountain. As there's no electricity until the peak of the mountain, we prepared for that as well. We climbed-up the mountain via a shorter path which is Hatton route and climbed-down via a longer path which is Rathnapura route. We started to climb-up the mountain around 2pm and it took around four hours. While climbing-up, it was raining all most all the time, but we didn't experience much of a wind. We were the only team to stay there for that night. And the next morning we worshiped and walked around the peak. We couldn't see the sun-rise due to thick mist. Only for few seconds we saw very far away mountains but those views were vanished in seconds when thick clouds covered the peak. Then we climbed-down via Rathnapura route and we experienced some strong wind. Though Rathnapura route was quite longer it was more beautiful as it was lead through a lush green jungle.

At the peak


AnandLeo said...

Great feat and you did it in the off-season, climbed up the Hatton route and climbed down the Ratnapura route. However the mist hampered your view. Guide for other trekkers!

Denis Weerasiri said...

Hi AnandLeo,