Thursday, October 14, 2010

After One month of work...

It is exactly one month since I joined WSO2 Inc. Most of the time I blog about techno stuff. Felt should write some short non-techno stuff as well.
Regarding the SW development at WSO2 is a continuous learning process. Everyday I learn something new. That’s something I really appreciate. And it’s not just about the coding. There’s so many thing apart from coding to learn.

Apart from that, the company environment is almost a fun house. It becomes very noisy sometimes; people shouting, dancing, playing and do all the stuff. I still remember during the first carbon release, suddenly people start to sing, dance and after sometime go back to coding again. And it happens again and again :).

During the BB tournament

Normally if the my code logic start to go crazy, what I would do is; grab some food and play some table tennis, foosball or Guitar Hero or whatever. Then mind become clean and clear to think on what I was trying to figure it out. Company environment is that much free and flexible.

Some guitar heroes... :)
The communication is also open; happens often via different mailing lists for different areas. There’s a flat structure so anyone can fire their thoughts publicly and equally regarded. (I still don’t understand most of the discussions going on the mailing list; specially architectural stuffs :) ).

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