Sunday, April 12, 2009

Remarkable performances made by Sri Lanka in GSOC

When I went through the Google Summer of Code statistics for last four years I observed the remarkable performances made by Sri Lankan students. Especially the University of Moratuwa has become the top university for the number of accepted students for GSOC projects over the last four years with a count of 57.
This is because the Computer Science and Engineering department of University of Moratuwa promotes the students to participate to this competition. Especially the open source software organizations like WSO2 Inc. and Lanka Software Foundation promote and guide students on applying for GSOC. Though there are very few open source software organaizations located in Sri Lanka, the contribution they have made with the participation of University of Moratuwa towards this remarkable success is marvelous.
Finally I congratulate all the Sri Lankan students who were accepted in GSOC for last 4 years and made this small island, Sri Lanka into a rising star.

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